‘Just Say No’ to $7.6 Billion Nuclear Bailout


That’s not a typo. The State of New York is planning to spend 7.6 BILLION dollars
bailing out unprofitable nuclear plants by the Great Lakes



Cuomo - State of the State - 2017

Stop the Cuomo Tax & End the Nuclear Bailout

Thanks to the State Assembly blocking the bailout in their budget, we are officially one step closer to defeating this disastrous Cuomo Tax once and for all. Cuomo could end this awful plan all by himself, but instead, he’s refusing to listen to New Yorkers and the Assembly.

Can you call Cuomo today and tell him to send the nuclear bailout back to the drawing board? You can help change the governor’s mind with just a quick 30-second phone call. It’s simple. Just follow these instructions:

Cuomo Tax - 3 Days2Call 866-772-3843

Tell Governor Cuomo’s office your name and 
where you live, then say:

“As a constituent, I oppose the $7.6 billion dollar Cuomo Tax and nuclear bailout. His mistaken plan would take billions of dollars from all New Yorkers – residents, schools, hospitals, businesses and communities – to bail out aging, unsafe nuclear plants owned by a wealthy Chicago company. I applaud the New York Assembly for blocking the bailout in their budget. Governor Cuomo should follow their lead, scrap the deal, and instead invest in energy efficiency and truly clean renewable alternatives like solar and wind while saving us money. New Yorkers deserve better.”





Please support passage of this legislation before April 1st (Fools Day):

Nuclear Bailout Moratorium Legislation

Cuomo Tax - 3 Days 1


For more information see:

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Over 130 Organizations have asked Governor Cuomo to stop the tax:


Dear Governor Cuomo:


We urge you to direct the Public Service Commission and other relevant state entities to halt the plan to mandate ratepayer subsidies for nuclear power plants in upstate New York. The Nine Mile Point, FitzPatrick and Ginna plants are inefficient and unsafe power sources and should be decommissioned. Instead, New York should invest in energy efficiency and cleaner, safer alternative energy sources.


New York’s overburdened ratepayers simply should not have to fork over billions of dollars to subsidize aging nuclear plants, some of which were commissioned in the Vietnam era. This proposal is a staggering hit to New Yorkers, especially residents of the City’s five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island who already pay some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Nearly 60% of the bailout would be paid by downstate consumers, a figure far greater than the percentage of electricity that downstate ratepayers derive from the upstate plants they would be taxed to subsidize.


New York State’s proposed multi-billion dollar subsidy, which is essentially a “ratepayer tax,” to financially support these unsafe, obsolete and inefficient nuclear power plants is also a misallocation of resources. Energy efficiency measures and newer, cleaner sources of power are more cost-effective, better for human and environmental health and create more jobs.


There is still time for New York to turn away from this ill-advised proposal. As governor, the relevant state entities take their direction from you. For instance, your administration can refuse to approve the sale of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant by the November 17th deadline. You can and should use your authority to accelerate the state’s momentum in pursuit of a cleaner, safer energy future, while at the same time limiting the unneeded financial burden on New York ratepayers’ strained budgets.


On behalf of our organizations, we urge you to act.


350NYC, All Our Energy, Alliance for a Green Economy, American Hydrogen Association Northeast, Andes Works!, Beacon Climate Action, BeanCounters Unlimited, Best Buddies, Big Reuse, Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition, Binghamton University Japanese Association, Bronx Climate Justice North, Brooklyn For Peace, Buddhist Peaceful Enlightenment, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Capital District Against Fracking, Carbon Tax Center, Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Central Park West CSA, Church Women United in New York State, Citizen Action of New York, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, Climate Justice @ Union Theological Seminary, Coalition Against Nukes, Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline, Collectively Free, Columbia Divest for Climate Justice, Council of Peoples Organization (COPO), Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation Policy, Divest Barnard from Fossil Fuels, Eco-Logic, WBAI-FM, Eco-Poetry.org (New York’s Top Poets on climate issues.), Environmental Justice Task Force of the WNY Peace Center, Inc., Fifth Avenue Committee, Inc., Food & Water Watch, Full Potential Consulting, Grassroots Environmental Education, Green Education and Legal Fund, Green Party of Nassau County, Green Sanctuary Committee, Community Church of New York, UU, Greenpeace, HealthyPlanet, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., Hudson Valley Concerned Citizens, Hudson Valley Progressive Alliance, Hunger Action Network of NYS, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, Jewish Climate Action Network – NYC, Judson Memorial Church, Katonah Green, Little Lakes Sustainability Network, Manahatta Peace Project, Manhattan Central Medical Society, Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World, Neighborhood Network, New Abolitionist Movement, New York Climate Action Group, New York Environmental Law & Justice Project, New York State Sustainable Business Council, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, NYC Friends of Clearwater, NYC Safe Energy Campaign, NYPIRG, Operation SPLASH, Peace Action of Staten Island, Peacemakers of Schoharie County, People of Albany United for Safe Energy – PAUSE, People’s Climate Movement, People’s Climate Movement NYC, Physicians for Social Responsibility/New York, Protect Orange County. org, PSUMC (Park Slope United Methodist Church) Social Action Committee, Psychologists for Social Responsibility – Environmental Action Group, Public Citizen, Radiation Truth, Rainforest Relief, Renewable Energy Long Island, ROAR Against Fracking, Rochester People’s Climate Coalition, Safe Energy Rights Group, Inc. (SEnRG), Sierra Club Long Island Group, Sierra Club Niagara Group, Solar Seneca, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development, SUNY Cortland Environmental Justice Committee, Sustainable Tompkins, Sustainable Warwick, Syracuse Peace Council, Tristates unite for safe energy, United for Action, UPROSE, Voters Occupy, Water Equality, Weather Medic, WESPAC Foundation, You Are My Sista, Youth Arts New York,




Tell your legislator: Co-sponsor this bill

In less than 30 days, New Yorkers’ electric bills will go up, ultimately by billions, unless we stop Governor Cuomo’s nuclear bailout scheme. A new bill – A05985/S04800 – would stop the $7.6 billion Cuomo Tax from being implemented on April 1.

Time is running out! Join New Yorkers statewide and urge your legislators to co-sponsor A5985/S4800 to halt Gov. Cuomo’s misguided nuclear bailout!


Sign to resist the bailout and tax at: http://go.stopthecuomotax.org/page/speakout/co-sponsor-this-bill-fbad