This page contains background information and resources for learning more about the Spectra Algonquin Incremental Market Expansion (AIM Project).

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Summary/Overview of the AIM Project
Maps of pipeline route
Environmental Impacts
Health Impacts
Safety risks
Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant


The AIM Project is part of a system-wide expansion of Spectra’s Algonquin Pipeline. Spectra is proposing to enlarge several sections of pipeline from 26 inches to 42 inches, enlarge existing compressor stations, build new compressor stations, and expand other above ground pipeline facilities. They are also proposing to build several new segments of pipeline outside of their current right of way. One such new segment goes from Rockland to Westchester Counties in NY, adjacent to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and the Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School.

FERC approved the AIM Project in early March, contingent upon additional permits from other agencies. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is currently reviewing comments on the air and water permits required by the EPA. Spectra has already begun “pre-construction activities” in the pipeline right of way.

The AIM project is the first of several expansions of the Algonquin Pipeline proposed by Spectra. The follow-up expansions are the Atlantic Bridge Project and the Access Northeast Project.



All maps are based on Spectra Energy filings with FERC from February 2014.

Environmental Impacts

Impacts on Blue Mountain Reservation in Cortlandt, NY (click here)

Impacts on bird populations in Westchester County, NY (click here)

Health Impacts (PCBs, air emissions)

Removal of old pipeline segments (click here)

Health risks of pigging stations (click here)

Air quality (click here)

Environmental Justice (click here, here)


Safety risks

For a list of some of Spectra’s safety violations and accidents click here.

Report by pipeline engineer Rick Kuprewicz of AccuFacts for the Town of Cortlandt discussing safety risks (click here)

Risks of citing new route of Algonquin Pipeline 450ft from Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School (click here)


Indian Point

Transcript of Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing on safety concerns of citing new segment of Algonquin pipeline adjacent to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (click here)

Press release from US Assemblywoman Sandra Galef calling into question the safety of siting the new pipeline adjacent to Indian Point (click here)

Radio show “Connect the Dots” host Alison Rose Levy talks with SAPE co-founder Susan VanDolsen and SEnRG Vice President Courtney M. Williams discussing the risks of the proposed pipeline route to Indian Point (click here)