Why More Pipelines Are a REALLY Bad Idea!


How far away from one do YOU want to be? 450 feet from an 8-inch pipeline? What about a 42-inch pipeline?


How far do you want a pipeline to be from the Indian Point nuclear plant? How close should pipeline excavation work be done to an existing 30-inch pipeline?



How careful are YOUR neighbors? YOUR utility workers and government construction workers?

How valuable is your property? your life? your family?

One Response to “Just HOW dangerous . . . ?”

  1. I think that this pipeline is a good example of how it is all about profits over people and the planet. I wish more could be done to stop it. We need to keep raising awareness and writing our legislators regarding our opposition to pipelines.

    We also need to look at why no one explores other more earth friendly ideas about how to move oil.

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