Women March in NYC – For the Environment and So Much More


Some of the Millions Marching Worldwide – January 21, 2017



Rally in Albany – End Pipelines Period!


Protesters including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Karenna Gore, marched from the Capitol to the Department of Environmental Conservation headquarters.


Kennedy, with the Waterkeeper Alliance, noted that continued fossil fuel buildout would “convert our natural resources to cash as quickly as possible, have a few years of pollution based prosperity. We can generate the illusion of prosperity, making a few billionaires richer, but our children are going to pay for their joyride, and they’re going to pay for it with polluted landscapes and poor health and huge cleanup costs.”


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Ongoing Efforts on AIM Pipeline Project

On March 3, 2015, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued the approval certificate for the Algonquin AIM pipeline project, Spectra Energy’s dangerous, and ill-conceived pipeline expansion adjacent to both the Indian Point nuclear power plant and a working quarry in Massachusetts that does frequent blasting. Additionally, FERC’s review of the AIM project failed to adequately consider dangerous health and safety impacts faced locally by communities as the pipeline and its maintenance infrastructure courses through the region. SEnRG worked with several community groups from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts to fund a rehearing motion to challenge FERC’s approval of the project. Although FERC still has not decided whether to grant a rehearing, it is continuing to grant Spectra’s requests fro permission to commence work. That means that communities in the pipeline’s path are already being dug up and disfigured before additional challenges can be brought! Please consider making a donation to continue the fight to halt Spectra’s hazardous AIM project.


To donate to this project click HEREPlease donate today to help us oppose this unconscionable project.


Our President, Nancy Vann (from Peekskill), thanks all of the intervenors who have been a part of the ‘Rehearing Request’ opposing the Algonquin/Spectra pipeline that wants to race through Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island carrying fracked Marcellus shale gas – much of which is probably destined for export to Europe.

The filing deadline for the motion is here and we have all worked so hard to make this happen.

Thank you to:

  • The Town of Cortlandt, NY

  • City of Peekskill, NY

  • Sierra Club Lower Hudson Group

  • Community Watersheds Clean Water Coalition

  • Food & Water Watch

  • Keep Yorktown Safe

  • Better Future Project (MA)

  • Fossil Free Rhode Island, Capitalism v. the Climate (CT)

  • W. Roxbury Saves Energy (WRSE)

  • Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE)

  • Reynolds Hills, Inc.

  • Charles River Spring Valley Neighborhood Association (CRSV)

Paul Nevins, Rickie Harvey, Jessica Porter, Phil Barden, Eunice Carlas, Paul Dunn, Margaret Sheehan, Paul McIrney, Maria Rivera, Jan White, Mary McMahon, Robert and Audrey Brait, Dan McCann, William and Robin Cullinane, Linder Sweeney, Walter Partridge, Virginia Hickey, Alexandra Shumway, Joseph M. Hickey

  • and all impacted residents of W. Roxbury and Dedham, MA

  • and the many others who are filing separate rehearing requests.

For more details click HERE.